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100% Cashmere Products and Accessories

If you are looking for 100% Cashmere knitwear, your search ends at Cashmere Collection. We specialize in the production of high quality garments and accessories. Cashmere is a popular fibre used in textiles, derived from the hair of a particular goat breed, the hircus. To the touch, this fibre seems pliant, velvety and silky. It offers a soft and warm feeling to those who wear it, because of its light texture.

Gomitoli di cachmere
Rocche di cachemere

Our Plant

In our factory we produce cashmere clothing using yarns, each of which are carefully selected by competent technicians and are worked upon by specialized personnel.

Our Cashmere Items

We are able to offer mesh and 100% cashmere accessoriesfor men and women in many color and size variants, with V neckline, cap, neckline and cardigan.

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